Manual Muscle Testing

Manual muscle testing (MMT) is a very common practice of physical examination specifically designed to assess function and strength of various muscles, usually when rehabilitating sports injuries or recovering from an illness.

The basic principles of performing manual muscle testing procedures usually require the examiner to first isolate a muscle group so that gravity has no impact on the test, then the application of external force and measurement of the results. 

Results of the test vary depending upon the testing procedures being used. Due to the dynamic nature of this testing process, we use the Lafayette Handheld Dynamometer to obtain consistent and accurate results of muscle activations and strength increases.

The Lafayette Hand-Held Dynamometer (formerly known as the Manual Muscle Tester) is an easy to use, hand-held device for objectively quantifying muscle strength.

Through the use of dynamometry, we are able to effectively identify increases in muscle contractile force as well as duration of contraction.

There is no more guess-work. We can instantly identify deficiencies in the neuro-muscular system as well as gauge the peak force of a muscle and the time taken to reach that peak force.

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