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In the early 1970s, National Geographic ran an extensive series of articles investigating claims of long-lived people around the world. 

The Hunza people, who lived in the Hunza Valley in Northern Pakistan, were one of those peoples. They became fascinating case studies of the unique region in which they live. No one really knows how long the Hunza people live, but some estimate 120 years. Physicians examined the Hunza and made their best guesses to how old the people were. 

Without focusing too much on documented maximum age, the truly extraordinary fact is that all reports of the Hunza mention that the elderly population is completely healthy, fit, full of vitality, and virtually free from disease, which holds true even today. So, how do the Hunza keep themselves so healthy? In short, diet, exercise, and naturally ionized water. Their diet basically consists of apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, and peaches. They also eat a lot of grains — wheat, barley, and millet — and chapati, their daily bread.

Research has proven conclusively that the major common denominator of the vitality of this people is their local water source. 

Doctor Henri Coanda, the Romanian father of fluid dynamics and a Nobel Prize winner at 78 yrs old, spent six decades studying the Hunza water trying to determine what it was in this water that caused such beneficial effects for the body. He discovered that it had a different viscosity and surface tension. Doctor Patrick Flanagan and others continued the research. 

They found Hunza water had a high alkaline pH and an extraordinary amount of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), with a negative Redox Potential and a high colloidal mineral content.

The water is living and provides health benefits that other types of drinking water cannot. The energy contained in the water is from the process of natural ionization and micro-clustering that comes from rolling down a rocky mountain spring. Similar natural water properties and longevity are found in other remote unpolluted places across the world. In many cases, people have travelled great distances to gain access to these "healing waters". We are offering a way for you to get access to all these healing properties, right in your home! Here's how!


Our pH is measured on a scale ranging from 0-14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. In order to transport oxygen throughout the body, our blood needs to maintain a pH level of approximately 7.35. Even though our bodies store excess alkaline reserves to buffer acids, if you’re eating a conventional diet filled with pesticides and processed foods and drinking acidic bottled water, your reserve has likely depleted. This is not good because these reserves are mainly contained in your bones, joints, and connective tissues. Over time this process will lead to osteoporosis and other types of degenerative conditions. Our lifestyles with all the convenience of modern high society, with our fast food and designer beverages are outstripping our bodies ability to buffer the acids and fight oxidative stress.

The human body naturally produces free radicals and antioxidants to counteract their damaging effects. However, in most cases, free radicals far outnumber the naturally occurring antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream.

By drinking water that contains smaller structured molecules, "or micro-clustered water, " such as electrolyzed-reduced water, you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively. Micro-clustered water also enhances energy levels and improves your overall aerobic capacity as well as prevents premature aging. Because water molecules are smaller, they are better able to penetrate cell walls and and  "wash away" acidic buildup in your body caused by years of metabolizing food (Essentially, carry oxygen in and waste out.) Electrolyzed-reduced water is also easily absorbed into the intestines to eliminate toxins from the colon. 

Alkaline rich water helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog and radio frequency emissions from technology. This causes the cells over time to lose resting voltage potential and become unstable through the loss of electrons on the outer cell membrane. The cell will need to replenish this charge, so it will become a "free radical" cell which will steal electrons from neighboring cells causing replication of free radical cells.

To put this simply, free radicals are unstable atoms. To become stable again, they take electrons from other atoms. This will contribute to the oxidative stress cycle within the body, causing an increased onset of disease and aging. To combat this process, you need antioxidants which can act as electron donors for the unstable atoms, reverting them to a "stable" and healthy state.

Electrolyzed-Reduced Water (a.k.a. Kangen Water®) contains Activated Molecular Hydrogen, the most powerful electro-chemical antioxidant in known existence.

Store bought alkaline bottled water is not only oxidative, but it is also "chemically alkaline." It contains additives like sodium bicarbonate which can build up in the body over time resulting in toxicity. Even bottled waters that claim to have these properties from electrolysis or natural ionization, do not hold up to scrupulous testing. This is because as the water sits stagnant from the bottling plant to your home it loses its properties and reverts to a neutral, dead water. In addition, bottled waters contribute to environmental pollution and add an ongoing expense to your pocketbook.

At Pure Neurology Consulting, we are proud to be an Affiliate Distributor of Enagic Kangen Water® Ionizers.

Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline-ionizer distribution company that has multiple ISO awards for quality control and environmental management. 

ISO is the world’s leading Management System Standard, globally adopted in virtually all industries.

Enagic Kangen Water® 
is the Industry Leader in water ionization technology. Boasting the only product line of water ionizers to offer a medical-grade manufacturing certification, as well as the Water Quality Association Gold Seal of Approval and an official endorsement from the Japanese Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

ISO 9001 certification means that Enagic’s quality management system has been audited and reviewed by an official registrar to ensure that their systems are focused on meeting customer’s expectations through certified procedures and a continual improvement process. Enagic never waivers in their commitment to provide products that contribute to improved health and to the global environment, coupled with best-in-class quality and customer service.

ISO 13485 signifies that Enagic’s quality management system demonstrates its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet consumer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services.

ISO 14001 is the world’s most recognized environmental standard. Enagic’s certification to this standard ensures that they’ve mapped out a framework for environmental management with the best practices to help minimize their environmental footprint. Specifically, they work to secure materials with a low environmental load, to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, and to conserve natural resources and achieve energy-efficiency in order to prevent global warming. Their team observes all laws, regulations and standards with regard to the environment and safety. Their employees are thoroughly trained to raise their awareness of environmental and safety issues for the prevention of environmental and work-related accidents. All practices and procedures have been certified by an official registrar.

Enagic is the only ionizer company in the world with the Water Quality Association’s “WQA Gold Seal Certification”. WQA is the international “Mark of Product Quality” and is recognized around the world as the leading certification of water excellence. The Gold Seal Certification from WQA is awarded to the most reliable and trusted producers of quality drinking water.

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. WQA maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government officials, and industry members. The Water Quality Association official Gold Seal listing program is dedicated to providing public health and safety services throughout the USA and globally, while maintaining expert service, superior reputation, and fair pricing. Product Certification ensures that our product is constructed from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and our product will hold up under normal usage conditions.


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